Full Fledged Currency Exchange in Delhi and NCR

Currency Exchange in Noida

Currency Exchange in Noida

GD Seigell & Co Pvt Ltd ( GDSFOREX) is a Full Fledged Money Changer authorized by Reserve Bank of India to Sell and Buy foreign Exchange currencies for Business purpose and Tourist purpose. GDSFOREX offers offers Buy Currency in Noida or Sell Currency in Noida at best forex rate in Noida so that you can freely travel around the whole world. GDSFOREX deals in all major currencies and also Travel Cards so that you can use the same without any hassle in your country of travel. Enjoy your vacation without worrying about when you will need cash next. You have the option to order currency exchange in Noida & Delhi NCR and can buy currency in Noida , Sell currency in Delhi at rates better than what other money exchangers in Noida offers.

Currency Exchange Rates in Noida ( Last Updated On: JAN-13-2024 )

CurrencyCurrency You SellForex CardCurrency You Buy
US Dollar82.4583.4584.50
British Pound104.00106.85107.50
Singapore Dollar62.2563.4064.95
Australian Dollar53.3055.7056.90
UAE Dirham22.5022.9523.35
Canadian Dollar60.7562.2564.15
Thai Bhat2.352.482.59
Saudi Riyal21.5023.1024.60
Swiss Franc95.5098.80100.00
Japanese Yen0.500.630.64
Chinese Yuan11.2513.1513.40

Foreign Currency Exchange Services:

  1. Buy Foreign Currency: Pay in rupees and receive foreign currency in Noida
  2. Sell Foreign Currency: Sell us your foreign currency and receive Indian Rupees in Noida

We will assist you during the process of forex exchange in Noida and also take you through the entire process to facilitate you with a smooth and hassle-free service. GDSFOREX gives you the best foreign currency exchange rate in Noida with good experience of currency exchanging and customer satisfaction.


  1. Find the Best Rate in the market
  2. Buy or Sell Foreign Currency
  3. You can get Forex Card
  4. Encash your unspent Forex after your trip.


Where to exchange foreign currency in Noida?

One should exchange foreign exchange from RBI authorized Forex dealers or agencies who can provide proper bills for purchase or selling of Foreign Exchange. It is illegal and unsafe to deal with unauthorized people.

How can I make payment for buying foreign currency in Noida?

For Purchase of Forex less than Rs 50,000 per person you have option of paying by cash or through banking channels. For purchase of Foreign exchange worth more than Rs 50,000 only mode of payment is through banking channel eg: Cheque or online transfer.

How will I get credit when selling foreign currency in Noida?

For selling of Foreign Exchange upto USD 1000 or equivalent, you have option of taking payment in cash or Bank Transfer but for selling of forex from USD 1001 and above you will get payment via banking channel only.

How much foreign currency I can carry from India?

Total foreign Exchange a person can take is USD 2,50,000 but there is limit for taking currency notes. You are allowed to carry up to USD 3000 per person in currency notes. For Nepal & Bhutan you are not allowed any foreign exchange. For Iraq & Libya USD 5000 is allowed and for Islamic Republic of Iran, Russian Federation and other Republics of Commonwealth of Independent States you can draw entire foreign exchange in currency. If a person wants to carry more than the limit of currency notes then he/she can take balance in travel cards.

How can I get best forex rates in Noida?

You can get better rate for foreign exchange than banks from agency like GD Seigell & Co Pvt Ltd

How much time does it take to exchange currency in Noida?

It take 10 mins for the entire process if you carry all necessary documents and transfer the funds or give cash as per RBI rules.